New arrivals at the zoo!

October 15, 2018

October has been an exceptional month, full of exciting new arrivals and animal news.

Just in time for Halloween

We have introduced a companion for one of our more unusual residents… Keepers have named the new arrival Bellatrix, she is a one-year-old binturong and has come to Marwell all the way from Bioparc Fuengirola. She will be introduced to our male binturong, Banu, in November but until then she can be spotted just next door to him! Keepers say she is settling in well but very interested in her new neighbour.

A Tropical Trio

Gus and Gertrude, our Javan Chevrotains, are soon to have a new member of their group. A female chevrotain, who is yet to be named, has arrived at the park from Bristol Zoo and her keepers will be moving her into Tropical House shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!

Brilliant butterflies

You can now see the beautiful postman butterflies as well as caterpillars and cocoons in the Tropical House! The caterpillars will only eat passion flower vine, and when they are ready to pupate, they will move to a suitable place to begin the process. It takes around a day for the caterpillar to change into a cocoon and then it will be a further 10-14 days before the adult butterfly emerges. It takes a few hours for the butterfly to extend and dry its wings before it can fly.