New year, new (upcycled) exhibit!

February 1, 2023

A rock hyrax, plus Thriving Through Nature announcement new exhibit at Marwell Zoo

We are thrilled to announce we’re upcycling and completely revamping our old tropical house building to become home to some exciting new species and immersive displays.

As well as new animals, guests will be able to explore plants that stimulate the senses when our Thriving Through Nature exhibit opens this summer!

Work has already begun to clean the glass, clear and clean the internal space and strip everything back to a blank canvas.

Then our team will get to work building our exciting new exhibit ready for its inhabitants, plants and, ultimately, guests.

The new exhibit will have waterfalls, rocks to squeeze through and lots of scampering critters sure to thrill guests of all ages.

Rock hyrax, freshwater fish, insects, amphibians and lizards will live amongst herbs, palms and plants that flourish in semi-desert conditions.

The new exhibit is designed to appeal to the senses with calming water sounds, scented plants, light effects and textured surfaces.

Sean Mannie, Commercial Director, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be bringing back to life this wonderful glass-house, which was for many years, such a popular and integral part of any visit to Marwell.

“It will look completely different, featuring lots of exciting new species in a brand-new easy to view setting. We know our guests will love it.”

A variety of viewing areas have been worked into the design as well as learning opportunities and lots to explore.

The building was closed as a tropical exhibit when our new Energy For Life: Tropical House was opened in 2018.

The older glass-house had become inefficient from a heat perspective and was no longer suitable for housing tropical species.

When it reopens as Thriving Through Nature, the building will be heated through an extension to our zoo poo biomass heating system.

We’ll be housing species that thrive in sub-tropical temperatures meaning less heat is needed throughout the winter months.

By repurposing the existing building and adapting it to species that thrive in the conditions it naturally offers, we’ve also prevented the existing building going to waste.

We’re looking forward to lifting the curtain on this exciting upcycled exhibit in summer 2023 and hope you’ll join us for an immersive, sensory experience soon.