November’s hello and goodbyes

November 15, 2018

And then there were three…

Gus and Gertrude, our stunning Javan Chevrotain (mouse deer), have just welcomed a new arrival to the Forest Floor with them. Gwendaline arrived at Marwell from Bristol Zoo and after spending some time settling in behind the scenes, she can now be spotted in the Tropical House, meaning we now have three Javan Chevrotain here at Marwell!

Our two Amur leopard cubs, Anik and Kazimir, born 25 June 2016, have left Marwell to start a new chapter (in a brand new home) at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park in Devon, as part of the European Ex-situ breeding Programme (EEP). This breeding programme plans for the future management of the species and ensures we maintain a healthy population for the future.

In Zebra news 

Keepers have decided to name the Grevy’s zebra foal Tucana! Our hoofstock team have a ‘space theme’ for all animals born on their section this year and Tucana is a star constellation. You can spot Tucana in Wild Explorers amongst the rest of our herd, Scimitar-horned oryx, white rhino and ostrich