Our big cats get a sneak peek of new BRICKOSAURS!

July 1, 2019

As staff install the final BRICKOSAURS! sculptures, our big cats get a sneak peek of the baby Tyrannosaurus rex. model before it’s installed next to its mum.

The baby T.rex is one of five new ROARsome LEGO® brick dinosaur species which are being unveiled later this week on Thursday 18 July.

Other new LEGO brick models include a towering four-metre tall Plesiosaur, a super spikey 1,500kg Stegosaurus, a colourful Mochlodon and five bird-like Archaeopteryx. We are the first attraction in the world to host BRICKOSAURS, a collection of 50 life-like LEGO brick dinosaurs on display around our beautiful 140-acre park.

The one-off event is running until 1 September 2019, where visitors can see hundreds of animals, including exotic and endangered species, as well as a unique collection of bright and colourful BRICKOSAURS sculptures and enjoy extra activities for a fantastic interactive family-friendly day out.

Highlights include the largest touring LEGO brick dinosaur model ever made – a whopping eight-metre T. rex, which towers over its new arrival, a baby T. rex.

It took an estimated 969 days and more than two million bricks to complete the collection of dinosaur sculptures.

BRICKOSAURS and a selection of extra activities are included with general admission.