Our tree-mendous tree trail

May 25, 2023

ancient yew tree at Marwell Zoo (1)

Our tree trail is here to stay!

Download our app to take part.

We’re inviting guests to explore the many wonderful trees of Marwell as well as the zoo’s animal inhabitants.

Some of the trees on the Marwell estate date back to the early 14th century more than 100 years before the Wars of the Roses.

The Yew trees behind Marwell hall have survived this and two World Wars, one of which saw the estate host an airfield for spitfires and other fighting aircraft that had been modified in Eastleigh.

Guests will be able to find out how old some of the most impressive trees in the park are, as well as picking up some interesting facts (and a few jokes – you can take them or leaf them) along the way!

Can you guess which of our tree species have been used as medicines in the past? And which trees are as rare as the animals that live around them?

Trees from Marwell were even transported to Winchester for use in the building of what is now Winchester cathedral!

In total, there are 9 different species of tree included in the trail, but if you’re up for a harder challenge why not see if you can find even more species throughout the park.

There are lots of plant and tree identifying apps now that could help tree enthusiasts get to grips with some of the more unusual species.

It’s also a great opportunity to take a closer look at what makes each species unique, whether it’s feather-like foliage, delicate blooms or an instantly recognisable leaf shape.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to all of our animal residents and keep a special eye out for all of this year’s new arrivals including our baby cotton-headed tamarin triplets, newly arrived species – the Caracara and our young sitatunga, Kirk’s dik-dik, blesbok, Przewalski’s horse and mountain bongo.

Keep an eye out for the native wildlife too with ducklings and goslings as well as rabbits, pheasants and robins if you’re patient enough to look for them.

The trail is available via our Free Marwell Zoo app, which can be downloaded to both Apple and Android devices.

Once you’ve found all of the trees along the trail, work out the anagram and head to the gift shop to collect your special tree trail sticker at the end of your day! Subject to availability.