Say hello to July’s Animal of the Month…

July 1, 2019

Our ring-tailed lemur troop are July’s star species!

Our loveable lemur troop are an endangered species from Madagascar. In the wild, ring-tailed lemurs are threatened by habitat loss and hunting for food, as well as being captured for the pet trade. However, this species is now found in several protected areas, including national parks and special reserves. 

We wanted to share our favourite fun ring-tailed lemur facts with you: 

  • Ring-tailed lemurs usually live in groups of 6 – 24 individuals, but groups of over 30 have been known.
  • Males perform ritual “stink fights”! They use glands on their wrists and shoulders to mark their tails, which they then wave at each other. These fights can last up to an hour!
  • During the breeding season, males compete for females in “jump fights”. They leap into the air, trying to slash each other with their upper canines, often causing nasty wounds.

If you love our lemur crew as much as we do, did you know you can adopt them? You’ll even get a cuddly ring-tailed lemur toy if you chose our child’s adoption…