Say hello to October’s new arrivals…

October 15, 2019

We have had a ‘baby boom’ here at Marwell! 

Grevy’s zebra foal

Late last month we welcomed a Grevy’s zebra foal to Marwell. Now almost a month old, the adorable striped arrival has been identified as female and has been named Uma, by her keepers. Second-time-mum, Nafeesa, and the little one, are getting along well with the rest of the females in Wild explorers and can be seen zooming around amongst our two scimitar-horned oryx calves, too.

Bongo calf

On the 29 September we said a big hello to a very special arrival… our new mountain bongo calf, Ada! Born to first-time parents, Kailina and Ituri, this new arrival is very special as there are less than 70 mountain bongos left in the wild. The last time we celebrated the birth of this rare species at Marwell was over ten years ago, so this birth is amazing for the conservation of the species as a whole.

Squirrel monkey babies

This month we’re also celebrating the birth of two Guianan squirrel monkeys. Born only one day apart, these two are super cute and weigh around 100 grams; that’s about the same as a small apple! The babies were born to mothers Gwyneth and Reyes on 8 and 7 October, and dad, Max. These are the first squirrel monkey babies to be born at the zoo in over ten years!