Say hello to our new feathered friends…

June 15, 2019

Our birds team have been busy this month with a new species and plenty of chicks.

A new species arrived can now be spotted in the zoo, a Himalayan monal!

On the 17 May the male monal arrived at the park from Harewood House, and he is now settling in to his new home, just outside the Walkthrough Aviary. The young bird is only just over a year old, so hasn’t fully moulted into his beautiful adult plumage just yet, but keep your eyes peeled because it will be worth the wait once he’s lost his juvenile feathers!

A whole array of chicks have been keeping our keepers busy

We have exciting news for all the bird lovers out there… you can now spot white-rumped shama, Brazilian tanager, roul roul (crested) partridge and Asian glossy starling chicks in Tropical House. Plus, there are bearded reedling chicks in the enclosure behind Marwell Hall and even a Hamerkop chick in the nest in the Walkthrough Aviary (you will need to pop inside as the nest can’t be seen outside). Finally, there are village weaver fledglings in the Walkthrough Avairy too. Plenty to keep you ‘chirpy’ during your visit!