Take home a roarsome souvenir of BRICKOSAURS!

March 15, 2019

We’re celebrating the launch of some exciting new product ranges ahead of the world exclusive launch of BRICKOSAURS!

From limited edition LEGO® brick sets to dress up costumes from aged six months, there is something for every dinosaur fan. Our retail team say more than 25 new lines have been delivered so far, with more to arrive in the coming weeks!

Amy Hopkins, our Retail and Admissions Manager, said: “Personally I love the LEGO sets, I think they are amazing. We built a display model of each one and the staff had a lot of fun putting them all together. I don’t think there is an age restriction on a love for LEGO, it’s very therapeutic building a model!

“Our retail favourite is probably the new sparkly sequin T. rex soft toys we have in two different sizes – one at £11.99 and the other £17.99. They have a Marwell logo on them and the sequins are green one way and dark blue when you smooth the other way and they have a really cute fun face.

“We are very excited to be offering all these new products to all our guests while the BRICKOSAURS event is on and we hope to see a lot of excitable little faces!”  

As well as our gift shop, don’t forget to visit our pop-up BRICKOSHOP inside BRICKOSAURS Base Camp where there will be a host of extra activities.