The final BRICKOSAURS! sculptures have been installed!

July 14, 2019

Now the full collection of 50 jaw-dropping and life-like LEGO® brick dinosaurs is on display.

The five new ROARsome dinosaur species include a towering four-metre tall Plesiosaur, a super-sized and super spikey 1,500kg Stegosaurus, a colourful Mochlodon, five bird-like Archaeopteryx and a cute, but not so cuddly, baby Tyrannosaurus rex.

The world-first BRICKOSAURS event is running until 1 September 2019 and visitors can get close to the wonders of the natural and prehistoric world all in one place, by seeing hundreds of animals as well as an impressive collection of bright and colourful LEGO brick dinosaur models.

Highlights include the largest touring LEGO brick dinosaur model ever made – a whopping eight-metre T. rex, now protecting its newly arrived offspring.

At BRICKOSAURS Base Camp, kids both big and small can be inspired and get creative in the large brick pits, have fun with photo opportunities in a giant Megalosaurus head and LEGO brick dino jeep with a choice of six different background options for a family keepsake. There will also be face painting during weekends and school holidays (subject to availability).

Combine all this with a host of extra activities including fun and hands-on experiences, and it makes for a fantastic interactive family-friendly day out.

Sean Mannie, Commercial Director here at Marwell Zoo, said: “This is our biggest event to date, and it’s such a privilege to be the first attraction in the world to host it. More than two million bricks were used to complete the collection and we have some of the largest LEGO brick dinosaur models ever made. It’s truly incredible to see.”