We celebrate the arrival of lemur royalty!

January 14, 2016

We have welcomed two young crowned lemurs to the zoo- a brand new species for Marwell!

The pair arrived at Marwell Zoo from Tywcross Zoo and Obterre Zoo earlier this month as part of the European Endangered species Breeding Programme (EEP) The crowned lemur (Eulemur coronatus) is the smallest species belonging to the genus Eulemur. In the wild, crowned lemurs are found in the forests of Northern Madagascar. Like many species of lemur, they face threats such as habitat loss due to cultivation, logging and development and forest fires.

The female, Delphine, is 18 months old and joins two-year-old Radagast in their new home.

Claire Mound, Team Leader for Primates and Small Mammals said the active pair have been successfully introduced and are now getting to know one another, Claire added: “Radagast and Delphine are settling in very well. Both animals are very inquisitive and spend much of their time, exploring, and playing together. We are very happy to welcome this new species to Marwell Zoo!”

Crowned lemurs are distinguishable by their extraordinary colour differences. Males are overall a chestnut brown colour, with grey-brown upper parts and paler underparts whereas the female’s body is grey, with creamy-white underparts.

Guests can see the Crowned lemur pair settling into their new home in World of Lemurs.