We have a new species at the zoo…

August 13, 2019

A new mongoose species has been introduced!

For all the mongoose fans out there we have exciting news, we have recently introduced a Bokiboky (Madagascan mongoose) here at Marwell! The female, named Bullet, is just over a year old and came to us from ZSL London Zoo.

She’s been behind the scenes until now, but you can spot her in our Life Among the Trees exhibit. Keepers say she is very confident, cheeky and fast (hence her name) and is settling in to her new enclosure well!

This species is endangered and found in very few zoos across the UK. Bokiboky are threatened by habitat loss and degradation, hunting, and predation by feral dogs. However, this species is found in several protected areas throughout the deciduous forests in western Madagascar, where they are found.