Amur Tigers at Marwell


Beautiful, ferocious and intriguing – our charismatic tigers can be found in the centre of the zoo.

Tigers are easily distinguishable by their striking coats and reddish-orange fur. Their throat, belly and chest is typically white and there is often a white spot on the back of their ears.

Tiger illustration

Each tiger has a unique stripe pattern making it easily identifiable when being tracked by researchers in the field. It also helps us to tell our male and female tigers apart.

Blending into the environment is an essential skill when stalking and ambushing prey so tigers rely on their stripes for camouflage. Unlike other cat species, they love a good swim so on a hot (or even cold) day you might find them taking a dip in their pond!

Head past the addax to find our okapi, which are located very close to the tigers. These hidden treasures might have stripes like zebras but their closest relative is the giraffe! Head up to the adventure playground from the okapi and you’ll encounter mongooses, servals and ocelots. The ocelot, also known as the “dwarf leopard”, is a strong swimmer and an amazing climber which sleeps during the day and perks up at night. See if you can spot it taking a snooze in its enclosure.

If you love our Amur tigers then why not adopt one?  

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One of the most incredible experiences of my life! Definitely one to add to your bucket list! Gives me a greater appreciation for our zoo and the people who work there. 08/10/19Kathy , 23rd January 2020