Giraffe at Marwell


There’s no doubt about it – giraffes are extraordinary beasts!

Giraffe illustration

Even though their necks are much, much longer than ours they still only have 7 neck bones – the same as humans and most other mammals!

Their long necks help them find leaves that are well out of reach of their rivals. This, coupled with their extra long, blue-black tongue (up to 45cm) also helps them remove leaves from spiky acacia trees. In fact, their tongue is so long that they can clean their noses and even their eyes with it! Amazingly the giraffe must use its muscles to bend its neck downwards rather than keep it upright.

Find out more fun facts at our daily giraffe talk.

Our giraffes share their house with Colobus monkeys and they’re also close to bongos, our spectacular yet shy antelopes, and Forest buffalos, relations of African buffalo.

If you love our giraffes then why not adopt one? Isabella is a firm favourite on our Go Wild children’s adoption scheme but if you’re struggling to choose (or are older than 16!) then our adult scheme has giraffe adoptions too!

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My trip to marwell zoo was lovely. There were lots of different animals,such as tigers, snow leapards, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras and many more amazing creatures. I went for the whole day which I would recommend. For lunch there is a picnic area which is under cover. It is nice because there… Read full reviewMary, 21st January 2016