Meerkats at Marwell


From wide ranging vistas to mini hillocks, the meerkat exhibit en-route to Café Graze is the perfect spot to see strong teamwork in action.

Wild meerkats are often found in scrubland areas of Southern Africa just like the habitat in our exhibit. They spend much of their time underground foraging for bugs which they pinpoint with their nose and dig out with their long, sharp claws.

Meerkats illustration

They’re also well known for their intricate behaviours and clearly defined roles as foragers; sentries and babysitters. See if you can spot who’s on guard duty when you visit!

If you love our meerkats then why not adopt one? Cheeky Caesar is a firm favourite on our Go Wild children’s adoption scheme but if you’re struggling to choose (or are older than 16!) then our adult scheme has meerkat adoptions too!

Head towards Café Graze and enjoy sweeping views of Bactrian camels as they roam in our valley field - 20 acres of natural valley field surrounding a small lake.

Check out our Addax, Arabian oryx and adorable Dorcas gazelles as you head back to the Amur tigers. They’re located in the paddocks to the left and right of the meerkats. Until 40 years ago the Arabian oryx was extinct in the wild but its numbers are now improving following successful reintroductions of animals bred in captivity.

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5 of us went to Marwell for the day and it was awesome, every part of the zoo had something amazing to see and we loved that the zoo is so spread out and the enclosures are huge and you can tell the animals are well looked after. Well worth every… Read full reviewAndy wells, 29th July 2015