Snow Leopards at Marwell

Snow Leopards

Snow leopards are perfectly adapted to the snow covered mountains of central and southern Asia.

Our Roof of the World exhibit close to Tropical World will give you a sense of this terrain.

Designed to mimic the snow leopards’ natural habitat, it contains several caves and hides and is also planted with rhododendrons and alpine meadow plants similar to those found in the Himalayas.

We lay various scents throughout the enclosure to stimulate the snow leopards’ sense of smell which range from herbs, spices & essential oils to new branches, faeces or urine stained bedding from prey species. Even washing up liquid bubbles spark their interest.

Marwell has had snow leopards as part of its animal collection for 33 years and throughout this time they have bred well, producing many cubs for the European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP). Our current pair has had two sets of cubs - two in 2011 and two in 2013.

Snow leopard adaptations include thick, insulating fur and an incredibly long tail – up to 1 metre in length! This balances the leopard when jumping across rocks and also wraps around the body and face to create extra warmth when the animal is resting. Their dappled grey coat gives excellent camouflage against rocks and snow – perfect when sneaking up on prey.

Head round the snow leopard enclosure to find our fantastic array of owls, including the northern white-faced owl; spectacled owl; great grey owl and Ural owl. Our owl aviaries are off the beaten track but they’re not to be missed!

If you love our snow leopards then why not adopt one? Indeever is a firm favourite on our Go Wild children’s adoption scheme but if you’re struggling to choose (or are older than 16!) then our adult scheme has Snow Leopard adoptions too!

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