Christmas at Marwell

“Today we visited Father Christmas at Marwell, and I wanted to write to let you know how wonderful my family and I found the whole experience. The decorations were incredible, and we were so impressed by the attention to detail (the eat me and drink me bottles and cups were a firm favourite.) I want to particularly thank you for finding a treat that my daughter could eat bearing in mind her allergies - it may seem a small thing to others but to have had something from the Elf and not from my bag absolutely made her day. We loved the story with Mother Christmas and Alice and even my 14 year old thought it was really well done. The decorations in that room were stunning. The white rabbit and jingle the elf were lovely, as were all the elves. Very attentive and staying in character. But our firm favourite was the Queen of Hearts. What an absolute pro! Engaging with everyone in the room on an individual basis and knew about everything we talked about - definitely an expert on Disney! We were the last ones in that room before seeing father Christmas and she didn't slip out of character for a second. Commenting on my 14 year olds Disney villains handbag, of which the Queen of Hearts was one of the villains on it. She was absolutely bang on the money - Loved her. Father Christmas was brilliant. Engaging, funny and chatty - clearly enjoyed his role. My 6 year old announced when we came out that he had clearly recognised her, so it definitely had to be the real Father Christmas and she went away ecstatic in that knowledge. We haven't been to Marwell for a number of years at Christmas, but we will definitely be returning next year! Thank you to everyone for such a magical Christmas experience - it may only be November, but we are now firmly in the Christmas mood! ”



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