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Christmas at Marwell

Megan, 28th November 2017

Junior keepers experience

Sarah, 8th October 2017

Brilliant display of Lego animals

Carrie, 25th August 2017

Thank You

Davy, 22nd August 2017

Most informative and interesting zoo

Sarah , 29th June 2017

The Best Zoo Trip...Ever!!!!

Ann, 20th June 2017

Lovely place and lovely staff

Sara, 3rd May 2017

Amazing birthday day out!!

Claire, 9th March 2017

Great support for disabled access

Tina Lee, 4th January 2017

Amazing day

Margarida, 3rd December 2016

Amazing day

Margarida, 2nd December 2016

So amazing

Hannah, 12th November 2016

Lovely day out.

Jackie, 24th September 2016

Super day at the zoo

Michelle, 12th August 2016

Fantastic day

Michael lloyd, 3rd July 2016

Zebra Zoom

Di, 14th May 2016

PECS book

Carol, 2nd May 2016

Brilliant day!

Sarah, 16th April 2016

Amazing day out

Lis , 22nd February 2016

fantastic winter fun

nicky &robin, 21st February 2016


Guy Arnold, 21st January 2016

Marwell zoo

Mary, 21st January 2016

An Awesome zoo

Isabel, 21st January 2016

Marwell Zoo is awesome

Lucy, 21st January 2016

First time visit to a Zoo

RoRoSheen, 7th January 2016

Lovely zoo - a great day out

Arran88, 7th January 2016

Marwell Zoo

SweetTreats36, 7th January 2016

Lovely for all

Roger G, 7th January 2016

Lovely staff

Christine, 5th November 2015

Amazing time

Antonia, 25th October 2015

Animal Talks

Sue, 18th September 2015


Helen, 3rd September 2015

fantastic even on a rainy day

Helen , 26th August 2015

Fantastic improvements

Fi, 22nd August 2015

my bby girls 1st birthday

steven and sarah and bby grace , 17th August 2015


Jason , 10th August 2015

Wild Explorers Exhibit

Dawn, 10th August 2015


Andy wells, 29th July 2015

Our little cheeky monkey went Wild, Exploring the new exhibit!

Kelly, 28th July 2015

Amazing and interesting day out!

Bernice , 11th May 2015

Premium experience

Phil, 4th May 2015

Marwell Zoo trip was excellent in all respects

Twyford School, 22nd April 2015

Marvelous Marwell

debbie, 15th April 2015

marwell zoo

luke, 14th April 2015

It was a great day and all had a wonderful time

Whitchurch Youth Project, 9th April 2015

Pre Review excitement

Steve, 9th April 2015


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