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It was truly brilliant and we all had a great day

Laura, 15th May 2019

We had a really lovely day

Jill, 27th February 2018

A fun day out for all ages and with friendly staff and assistants.

Rachael - Portsmouth Town Court Resident Group, 27th October 2017

We had a really great day

Joy - Summers Family Visit, 27th October 2017

The food is the main cafe was excellent.

Bob – Holiday at Home, 27th October 2017

You had a lot of things to keep our students entertained throughout the day

Bethany – The Cafe Project, 27th October 2017

As a group of senior citizens it was great to have the road train available

Caroline - U3A Wokingham, 27th October 2017

Residential group trip to Marwell

Rachael, 8th September 2017

Great day out for all the family

The Keefe Family, 7th January 2016

Class trip to Marwell Zoo

Michelle, 14th July 2015

There was nothing that I wouldn't recommend

3rd Ickenham brownies, 24th June 2015

Everyone had a brilliant time

Kenyngton Manor Children's Centre, 20th May 2015

We had such a lovely day in all and would definitely consider visiting again

European Office Products Ltd, 12th May 2015

I have taken our children here before and they love it

KIDS, Shepherds Down, 30th April 2015

The whole day was fantastic from start to finish

NHS Stop Smoking Service, 31st March 2015

We will be visiting again

Army Welfare Service, 18th March 2015

We love it!

Burbridge Family, 18th March 2015

Always a good experience

Kids, Heathfield, 17th March 2015


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