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September 2020

Exceptional breeding year gives much needed boost to efforts to return the UK’s rarest lizard

We have teamed up with Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) and Forestry England in Dorset to release more than 200 young sand lizards back into the wild.

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Detailed analysis reveals key findings critical to furthering understanding of snow leopards in the wild

Marwell researchers, working with colleagues in China, have found key differences in how snow leopards use the mountain landscapes they inhabit.

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Why you should visit Marwell this Autumn…

Autumn is a beautiful time to get outdoors and admire the changing colours of Marwell’s stunning parkland while learning more about our hundreds of endangered and exotic species. 

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August 2020

July 2020

Meet the baby animals

We’re celebrating the birth of some of the world’s most threatened species this summer.

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