New home for our red panda Mei Mei

Mei Mei has moved!

After months of planning Mei Mei, our stunning red panda, is now enjoying her new and improved home!

Update: and now she has been joined by male red panda Peter, who recently arrived from Gaia Zoo in the Netherlands!

Their new enclosure is just on the other side of our walkthrough aviary and has been specifically designed by our keepers and landscapes teams to mimic red panda’s natural habitats.

Populations of endangered red panda can be found in Nepal, India and Bhutan as well as China and Myanmar. They prefer to live in forests that have a bamboo thicket that is tall, has many shrubs, fallen logs and tree stumps to make it easy for the red panda to reach the bamboo. These forests are often found on mountain sides.

With three different areas to explore, Mei Mei and Peter’s new home features lots of planted bamboo and thick low-lying bushes, as well as both coniferous and deciduous trees to keep her content all year round.

To give guests the best chance to see our red panda, the new home even has multi-level viewing windows as well as climbing structures for her to pass overhead, so don’t forget to look up!   

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