Easter Extravaganza!


Take part in Marwell’s Giant Egg Trail, and our Meet and Greet with the Easter Bunny tucked away in his burrow where guests can collect their free chocolate egg*(30 March – 2 April).

*subject to availability.

Please note: We expect to be very busy early in the Easter holiday. If you’re able to delay your visit, you may find it less congested in our car park.

Families who find the giant egg and count all the animals in the Giant Egg Trail (30 March – 15 April) will have a chance to win four tickets to our Sunset Safari this summer!

Don't miss Tropical House

Join us as we celebrate the grand unveiling of ‘Energy for Life’ Tropical House, the biggest ever exhibit in our history. Under its spectacular curved roof crafted with cutting-edge technology, a rainforest comes to life. Spanning two levels with views across a lush canopy, waterfall and forest floor below, experience face-to-face encounters with colourful and charismatic mammals including Rica the sloth, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

Visitors can also delight in watching our new arrivals find their feet including Diego, the baby Saki monkey, Banu the binturong and Eric the sable antelope calf.

 Learn more about Marwell's Conservation across continents!

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