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The Ark gift shop at Marwell

Gift Shop

Situated close to the zoo exit, our Gift Shop is a treasure trove of wild and wonderful goodies. Packed with tempting treats to suit all ages and pockets it’s a must-see final stop before you leave.

Best of all, the profits from sales made in our shop are returned to the charity. This means that in parting with your pennies you’re making a very welcome contribution to the care of our animals in the zoo and our conservation programmes around the world.

Tempting treats

We're hugely excited to be on the board for Winchester Monopoly, a special edition showcasing the great and good of the historic city. With around 30 leading Winchester landmarks replacing the famous London Monopoly addresses and Winchester themed Community Chest & Chance cards, the game is available to purchase for £29.99.

Just when you thought there could be nothing cuter than a Humboldt penguin in a wetsuit, we bring you a miniature, cuddly version of our zoo superstar ‘Ralph’! Complete with their very own removable wetsuit, modelled on Ralph’s trendy, personalised O’Neill suit, these toy penguins are now available to buy for just £8.50 each.

Our Vet Sets are the perfect present for the aspiring young vets! These cute little sets include everything children need to take care of their sick teddies and soft toy pets. Presented in a colourful carry case, the vet role play toy sets contains a pretend thermometer, syringe, and other essential accessories to ensure the cuddly toy patient is back on its feet in no time! The sets are available for £15.99 and are a great souvenir for young animal lovers after a day at the zoo!

Art Gallery

Make sure you visit our permanent exhibition of paintings by Pip McGarry, one of the world's foremost wildlife artists. 

As well as managing his own stellar career, Pip has been Artist-in-Residence at Marwell for over 15 years and we are very proud to launch his new Winter Collection

Trading Post Gift Shop

Our smaller, second shop is located at Fur, Feathers & Scales and sells a small range of soft toys and sweets plus essential items for your day out including batteries and sun cream. Head here for Face Painting too – open during Easter and summer holidays.

Mail order and general enquiries

Don’t miss out on our cuddly toys if you can’t make it to the zoo! Drop us an email at or call us on 01962 770545 to place your order and we’ll be delighted to ship it to you for the small cost of £3.50 per item.  Choose from our cheetah, tiger, penguin, snow leopard, giraffe, ring tailed lemur and red panda soft toys.

For general shop enquiries please give us a call on 01962 777976.

Other Marwell Gift Ideas

If you're stuck for gift ideas - look no further than Marwell Annual MembershipAnimal Adoptions or Animal Experiences!

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