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Coronavirus: 20 March 2020

Following the very latest government advice regarding Coronavirus (issued by the Prime Minister on Friday 20 March at 17.00hrs), we have taken the necessary decision to temporarily close Marwell Zoo, with immediate effect.

As such, the zoo will not be open until further notice.

We fully support the government’s latest measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by limiting social contact, and whilst we have 140-acres of open space to enjoy, we also have many areas where close contact is unavoidable. We therefore feel this is the only and correct course of action available to us in order to limit social interaction in line with the clear recommendations laid out by the Prime Minister.


Here at Marwell Zoo, we strive to work towards a better future for our animals. Our conservation efforts, both in the UK and Africa, have seen incredible restorations of their habitats. With that said, without sustainable living and greater care for some of our most beloved animals, an increasing number of species are becoming extinct.

One of the best ways to witness the beauty of this earth is through photography, with wildlife photographers having the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with some of Earth’s most majestic creatures. From tigers and snow leopards to penguins and giraffes, photographers allow us to see life through their lens, getting us closer to these animals than ever before.

Our experiences offer you an exclusive day with our expert photographer, Jason Brown, within the historic and picturesque setting of Marwell Zoo. You’ll have the opportunity to capture some spectacular images of our exotic and endangered species from a range of public and restricted access areas.

Cute, cuddly, furry or feathery – if wildlife photography is your passion then capture life through a lens on one of our unique Photographic Experience Days.

Find out more about our professional photographer Jason Brown.

Photographic experiences 2020

Photographic Experience Day (8.30am-4pm)

£200 per person (maximum of 7 guests)

  • Friday 24 April
  • Friday 8 May
  • Friday 10 July
  • Friday 14 August
  • Friday 4 September

 A days private 1-2-1 or 2-1 tuition with Jason Brown

£ 300 for 1-2-1 experience / £ 450 for 2-1 experience

Learn about wildlife photography or improve your skills at your own pace focusing on the areas that interest you the most on this unforgettable photographic experience day.

  • 1 February - 31 October

Beginners Experience Day - "Moving away from the auto"

£200 per person

New to photography? Does the word aperture and composition confuse you? Come and learn more about your camera and how to start using it manually in a unique and exciting way.
  • Friday 22nd May
  • Saturday 19th September 

Twilight Photographic Experience (2pm-9pm)

£265 per person

  • Friday 29th May
  • Friday 24th July
  • Friday 7th August
  • Friday 21st August

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Photography Experience Brochure

Have you ever dreamed of snapping the perfect photo of your favourite animal? Whether you’re a budding beginner or an amazing amateur, our photographic experience days allow you to practise your skills under the watchful eye of our in-house photographer.

Whatever your ability or interest in photography, whether you want to learn to take better photographs, are a seasoned professional looking for new subjects, or simply want to understand your camera better, our Photographic Experience Days are a must.

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We also offer animal experiences with our giraffes, penguins and keeper experiences with a whole range of animals.

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"I had a wonderful day"

I loved the content, I had a wonderful day and Jason was helpful, informative, enthusiastic and I got so much out of the day. I'd recommend this experience - Fantastic.Charlotte, 13th May 2019