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Marwell Wildlife is a conservation charity, number 275433. Our vision is of a world where people live in balance with nature. If you share our passion for making this happen please help.


Help save Grevy’s zebra in the wild

Truck with feed

We need your help to save the Grevy’s Zebra population in remote Northern Kenya during the ongoing drought by providing urgently needed supplementary hay.

The rains have failed repeatedly, forage has disappeared in many areas and rivers are drying up. This means very long trips between grazing and water sources for this endangered species. Lactating females and foals are particularly affected by the prolonged drought as the mothers need to drink daily to provide milk, but the foals are not strong enough for the extra-long walks.

Marwell Wildlife works closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service and after a thorough assessment of the forage and water situation, we have received permission to provide much needed supplementary feeding in three locations in South Horr in Northern Kenya. This should prevent the animals from losing body condition which can lead to an increased susceptibility to disease or even death.

Working with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, we need to buy 500 bales of hay and transfer them on lorries to the remote areas that desperately need it. Other costs include paying for local scouts to store, distribute and regularly monitor the hay and its intake by Grevy’s zebra and other wildlife.

Find out more about our work with Grevy’s zebra and all our conservation projects in our Impact Report.

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Did you know your donation not only makes a big difference to our conservation work and care of our animals in the zoo, but it also helps to support our multiple conservation projects around the world? These extend from snow leopard initiatives across three countries to help monitor and secure the future of this iconic species to the reintroduction of desert antelopes in the Sahara. We also manage numerous community-based projects in northern Kenya as well as habitat restoration closer to home in the south of England.

Donating by cheque, over the phone or in person

Alternatively you could make a cheque payable to Marwell Wildlife and send it to:

Fundraising at Marwell Wildlife
Thompsons Lane
Colden Common
SO21 1JH

Or contact the team on 01962 777988

Or visit the membership cabin when you are next visiting the zoo

Every penny adds up and so does our gratitude so thank you for your loyal support – Marwell simply couldn’t do what we do without you!

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Thanks for reading. Learn more about ways you can support our charity, or take action.

Every Pound Helps!

  • £10 can buy
    5 bales of hay. Enough to feed up to 10 Grevy’s zebra for 4 days
  • £20 can pay for
    A scout’s salary for a week to monitor and distribute the hay
  • £1250 can buy
    Fuel to transfer hay to remote areas
  • £7,000 can pay for
    The whole project for three months

Lovely Day

We visited Marwell today and as always we had a lovely day. I would highly recommend Marwell Zoo it has something for everyone. We went to the food bar by the sandpits and it has a new menu which I would highly recommend. All served by a lovely friendly lady called…Lorraine, 3rd May 2018