Adopt a Giraffe


By adopting a giraffe at Marwell Zoo, you’ll be supporting our work and receive some unique goodies, as well. Whether you want to adopt in your name or as a gift to someone else, you can browse our range of giraffe adoption packages.

When you adopt a giraffe, you’ll receive…

Our Standard Adoption packages include all this for just £50.00:

  • A special Adoption Certificate, personalised with your name
  • One adult day ticket to Marwell Zoo to see our giraffes
  • Your name on the adopter board at the giraffe enclosure
  • An animal fact sheet teaching you all about giraffes
  • A photo of a one of our giraffes
  • A selection of fun stickers
  • A brilliant bookmark

Want to help even more? Choose Premium Adoption below!

Looking to adopt a giraffe on behalf of a group or school? We have a great adoption pack available for only £55; please call us on 01962 777988 to learn more. Find out more about the amazing  at Marwell Zoo.


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There have been giraffes at our zoo near Hampshire since 1971, not long before we opened to the public for the first time. Today, you can find our giraffe enclosure not too far from the entrance.

When you choose to adopt a giraffe, you are showing your love for this species, not only at Marwell, but around the world. Adopting a giraffe helps to care for the group at our zoo and also goes towards our conservation work, including various breeding programmes.

Choosing to adopt an animal is the perfect way to show your support for wildlife around the world and it is a great gift for any family or friends who are animal lovers. By adopting a giraffe or one of our other animals, you can make a big difference.

Adopting a giraffe from Marwell Zoo for 12 months is easy. You just have to choose which level of adoption you want – standard, premium, or child – and fill in the adoption form below with a few details.

Our 12-month giraffe adoption packages not only allow you to support these animals, but they also include great gift boxes. The gift pack that comes with adopting a giraffe includes an adoption certificate, zoo ticket, animal fact sheet, and more, depending on the adoption package you pick.


As a registered charity, at Marwell we are dedicated to protecting endangered species. We are animal lovers, and our conservation takes us around the world, working on regional and global conservation strategies.

There are a variety of ways you can support our charity. As well as adopting a giraffe, you could consider a giraffe feeding experience, where you can comeinto our zoo andmeet our group of giraffes up close. Able to be done individually or as a group of up to four, it’ll be an experience you’ll treasure forever.

Giraffes only drink once every few days, even when water is available to them. When they do want to drink, surprisingly their necks are too short to reach the water’s surface! So giraffes have to splay their forelegs and bend their knees to drink.

If you do choose to adopt a giraffe, you’ll be able to learn more about this majestic creature from the fact sheet in your adoption pack. You can also ask our keepers questions and learn more when you visit with the ticket that comes free with adoption.