Adopt a greater flamingo

Greater flamingo

Flamingo lovers, we have the adoption package for you. By adopting one of our greater flamingos, you’ll be supporting our work and receive an amazing goodie-filled gift pack as well. Whether you adore these pink birds and want to adopt in your name or as a gift for someone else, you can browse our range of greater flamingo adoption packages below.

When you adopt a Greater Flamingo, you’ll receive…

Our Standard Adoption scheme includes all this for just £50.00:

  • A special adoption certificate, personalised with your name
  • One adult day ticket to Marwell Zoo to see our flamingos in person
  • Your name on the adopter board at the greater flamingo enclosure
  • An animal fact sheet teaching you all about the greater flamingo
  • A photo of one of our greater flamingos
  • A selection of fun stickers
  • A brilliant bookmark

Want to help even more? Choose Premium Adoption below!

Looking to adopt a greater flamingo on behalf of a group or school? We have a great adoption pack available for only £55; please call us on 01962 777988 to learn more. Or, find out more about the amazing  at Marwell Zoo.


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Our flock of Greater Flamingos is an impressive sight, with long legs and eye-catching pink feathers. For those enjoying a day out in Hampshire here at Marwell, we hope you take the time to stop by their enclosure and watch them relaxing.

When you choose to adopt one of our flamingos, you’ll be supporting them and also supporting the work we do at Marwell around the world. Our conservation work is something we’re very passionate about, and globally, we’re working on various initiatives, including vital breeding programmes.

What’s more, when you adopt an animal at Marwell, not only will the animals benefit, you’ll also receive a great gift pack. From zoo tickets to animal facts sheets and your name on the adopter board at the animals’ enclosure, there is plenty to enjoy in whatever package you choose.




Adopting a flamingo from Marwell Zoo is easy. You just have to choose which level of adoption you want – standard or premium – and fill in the adoption form below with a few details.

Our 12-month greater flamingo adoption options not only allow you to support these animals and our work with them, but you’ll also receive a great gift pack too. With goodies like a personalised adoption certificate, zoo ticket, your name on the adopter board and more in our gift packs, which option will you choose?

Marwell Zoo is owned and operated by charity Marwell Wildlife and our conservation work takes us around the world. Our dedicated conservationists work to support biodiversity and animals of many shapes and sizes.

Adopting an animal is just one way to support our charity. For a chance to go behind the scenes, we offer lots of animal experiences here at the zoo with our tigers and snow leopards to unique encounters in our tropical house and aviary. For animal lovers, this will create a unique memory you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Flamingos are iconic thanks to their pink feathers, but did you know their colour comes from the foods they eat? Carotenoid pigments found in some of the foods they eat, such as algae and invertebrates, give them a pink hue.

If you do choose to adopt a flamingo, you’ll learn lots about the species with your own animal facts sheet. With the ticket you get free with adoption, you’ll also have the chance to ask our keepers more about them if you spot them out and about!