All aboard!

For some time we have been working to completely upgrade our road train.

A few weeks ago, a brand-new road train was delivered to our doors and it has since been travelling around the zoo and enjoyed by guests!

The new train has been built to cope with our hilly landscape and better meet the needs of disabled, as well as able bodied guests. The train has been designed with plenty of space for guests in two main carriages and a dedicated third carriage at the rear with ‘perimeter’ seating and a rear loading ramp, to more easily cater for guests in wheelchairs.

Previously you have very helpfully been folding your pushchairs and loading them onto a special trailer or leaving them at the free buggy park at the shop train stop. Once the new train is running, if you do wish to bring your pushchair along for the ride, please continue to fold them, but instead load them tucked away under your seat, inside the carriage. The dedicated buggy park will still be available at the train stop at our shop, but items are left at your own risk. Please continue to enjoy using the new road train and we look forward to seeing you soon!