Check out August’s Animal of the Month

August 1, 2019

This month we are focusing on our stunning okapi!

Here at Marwell we have three okapis, Jabari (our male), Daphne (our female) and their calf, Niari. 

Okapis are an endangered species who live in tropical rainforests in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The main threat facing this species is habitat loss, mainly due to settlement and logging. However, this species is protected under Congolese law and a significant number are found in protected areas.

Here are some fun okapi facts!

  • An okapi’s tongue is about 35cm in length, and is long enough for them to lick their own eyelids and ears.
  • Okapis have oily fur which makes it waterproof!
  • Okapis have scent glands on each foot, which leave behind a tar-like substance to show where they have been.
  • Okapis weren’t discovered by western scientists until 1901.