New arrivals this March!

March 15, 2019

Introducing Doowi, our new crowned lemur

Doowi, a male crowned lemur, joined us in February from Paris Zoological Park and you can now spot him in Lemur Loop. The two-year-old has joined our group of black-and-white ruffed lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs and our other crowned lemur, Radagast. Keepers say the group are getting along well and Doowi is settling into his new home!

Crowned lemurs are an endangered species found in the northern tip of Madagascar. As their name suggests, they have a chestnut-orange crown above their eyebrow line.

New lesser kudu calf – a first for Marwell Zoo

We have a new arrival and it’s a first for Marwell Zoo! Our three-year-old lesser kudu Swala gave birth to her first calf, a healthy female, at the beginning of February. Named Shaka, the calf is doing well and mixing with the other females. Lesser kudu are striking striped antelope found in East Africa and are near-threatened in the wild due to hunting and natural habitat loss. This is the first time we have bred lesser kudu here at the zoo so Shaka is a very precious addition to us as well as the lesser kudu population. See if you can spot her opposite Lemur Loop.

Our tropical blue-grey tanager birds

We have a new species! Beady-eyed guests may have already spotted a pair of beautiful blue-grey tanager birds inside our Tropical House. The male and female came from Leipzig Zoo in Germany and are both less than a year old. The blue-grey tanager is a common and widespread songbird found across South America and they are typically gregarious and noisy, so you may hear them before you see them!