Adventure playgrounds

Adventure playground

Please note there will be no access to the Fur, Feathers and Scales playground from 27 November due to essential maintenance. We will update you when it is open again.

Children LOVE watching the animals at Marwell, or riding on the train - but every parent knows that sometimes children need to run!

Swing, climb, run, slide...

That's why we have 5 adventure playgrounds at Marwell, so the children can swing like lemurs, climb like monkeys, run like cheetahs and slide like penguins.

Of course parents must play a supervisory role - but can sit like hippos if they wish.

Strategically placed (for coffee)

The playgrounds are sensibly placed around the zoo, and during busier times of the year it is always possible to grab a cup of tea or coffee nearby - to drink while you watch.

Suggested ages for play



Age group

Tigers Playground


6-14 years old

Fur, Feather & Scales

Monkey Bars

4-10 years old

Fur, Feathers & Scales

Sandpit playground

2-6 years old

Life in the Trees


6-14 years old

Penguin Cove


0-6 years old

Wild Explorers


6-12 years old

Just in case...

Accidents do happen. For first aid or emergency assistance please call 01962 777983 or speak to a member of staff. As well as mobile first aiders, we also have a first aid room and a defibrillator (AED) in our main gift shop.

P.S. Watch out for the slides in the playgrounds and the loveable bronze hippo statue which can get hot when it's sunny!

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A very happy group at the end of the dayBurbridge Family, 18th March 2015