Visit the zoo during August to see our recycled sculpture trail!

We are delighted our recycled animal sculpture trail is proving so popular with guests!

Artist Michelle Reader has designed and created 10 different animals for our trail, some with the help of our guests during interactive workshops she hosted at Marwell Hall.

The distinctive sculptures, which are with us until the end of August, draw attention to environmental issues and encourage guests to consider how items they would normally throw away can be re-used. Michelle has been making unique figurative sculptures from household waste and found objects since 1997!

Collect the sculpture trail map from the Information Cabin on your arrival at the zoo and for a chance to win annual membership for two adults and two children, complete and tear off the attached slip and post it at our Gift Shop.

The animals...

Here are the animals featuring in our trail – and the surprising materials used to create them! Can you spot the recycled items?

  1. Jaguar – TV related waste including satellite dishes, remote controls and electrical cables.
  2. Grevy’s zebra – Wooden cable drums, flue covers, slotted spoons, plastic bucket, inner tubes, plastic strapping, plastic milk bottles, broom heads, plastic cutlery, nylon cord and soap moulds.
  3. Meerkat – Wicker baskets, bike seat, traffic cone, hessian coffee sacks, snooker ball, metal pipes, plastic chair legs, forks and wooden spoons.
  4. Swan and cygnets – White plastic milk containers and other white plastic bottles, garlic press and plastic spoons!
  5. Badger – Large tin cans, coffee tin, bits of old wooden ladder, hair clipper attachments, megaphone and bicycle tyres.
  6. Bumblebee – Plastic buckets, gas mask, umbrella frame, plastic strapping, plastic cutlery, a garden hose.
  7. Bottom feeder – Litter found in the River Thames including a tennis ball, plastic bottles, cigarette lighters, a plastic spade, a hat, plastic fork and party popper.
  8. Ostrich – Ironing board, hanging baskets, bed frame, cooker element, rake, paint roller, bicycle wheel rims and tyres, soap moulds, skis, plastic milk bottles.
  9. Scimitar-horned oryx – Bed frame, large plastic containers, bicycle wheel rim, vacuum hose, fabric from pram cover and plastic milk bottles.
  10. Redshank – Household objects including venetian blinds, a tyre from a child’s buggy, coffee tins and electrical cable.

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