Name our Grevy's zebra foal!

We can now reveal that our adorable Grevy's zebra foal is a girl! Help us name the new arrival and you could win tickets to Marwell Zoo! 

Born to first time mum, Nafeesa, this female foal is an important addition to the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme (EEP).

In the late 1970s there were 15,000 Grevy’s zebra in the wild. Today there are estimated to be fewer than 2500 remaining. The Grevy’s zebra has suffered one of the most drastic population declines of any African mammal because of climate change, habitat loss and competition with increasing livestock numbers.  

Grevy's zebra foal by Jeremy Landey

Ian Goodwin, Collection Manager for hoofstock said: “Nafeesa is looking after her foal very well; she’s attentive, protective and the youngster is feeding well. It’s great to watch her finding her feet, running around and exploring her new surroundings.

“It was very hard for the keepers to agree on a name for the new arrival! So we hope that a public vote will help us decide.”

The hoofstock team have chosen three suitable names for the youngster and they are asking the public to help them pick the best! Voters also have a chance to win a family ticket to Marwell Zoo. 

With a summer of Marwell's Zany Zebras to look forward to this new arrival couldn't have come at a better time!

Subira (meaning ‘the gift of patience’ in Swahili)
Safiya (meaning ‘pure’ or ‘purity’ Arabic origin)
Sprinkles (where our Hoofstock team were headed when she was born)
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Enter by 9am on Monday, June 27th. Ticket prize is for 2 adults & 2 children to Marwell Zoo valid for 12 months.

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