Daily Talks & Activities

Our daily talks and activities might be subject to change, so if you're excited to see something in particular please ask at our friendly Information Cabin (just inside the entrance).

There are no more activities scheduled for today but check out what's happening tomorrow, or the date you are visiting.



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Explorers Trail

Pick up our Explorers Trail from our Info Cabin as you arrive and collect all 6 stamps around the park. Suggested donation of £1. Don't forget your pencil!

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Be a Wild Explorer

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Discovery Tables

Up to 8 locations around the zoo

Throughout your visit to Marwell zoo you may find 'Discovery Tables' in up to 8 locations. These allow you to learn more about our penguins, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, rhinos and oryx in Wild Explorers, birds in our walkthrough aviary, reptiles, species found in Madagascar, bugs and more. Ask on the day of your visit which Discovery Tables are taking place.

Aviary Discovery Table

11:30am - Giraffe Tall Tales

Giraffe House

How long is a giraffe's tongue? Why does it have such a long neck? Find out the answers to these and other questions.

12:00pm - Magnificent Meerkats

Meerkats - Cafe Graze

Join us for a lunchtime feed with our mob of meerkats and find out what family life is like for these charismatic critters.

1:00pm - Wildlife Rangers

Wild Explorers

Journey into the life of a field ranger and discover some of the amazing ways Marwell helps save animals in Africa.

Induction loop available here.

Marwell conservation in action

2:00pm - Curious Coatis

Fur, Feather & Scales

Have you ever seen a ring-tailed coati (pronounced co-ah-tee)? Join us to meet these cute and furry critters and watch them get fed. If you're lucky they may even tightrope walk above your head!

induction loop available here.

Coati group

3:30pm - Spotlight on Penguins

Penguin Cove

Ever the favourites - join our feathered friends at feeding time and find out how their streamlined bodies are adapted to "fly" under water.

4:00pm - Keepers in Action - Amur leopard feed

Amur leopard

These critically endangered Amur leopards are normally active at night when they will hunt many different animals including roe deer, wild boar and badgers. Watch them devour their carcass feed and please feel free to ask the keeper any questions you may have.

Amur leopard feed by Chris Godfrey

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