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A visit to Marwell Zoo is a chance to get up close to the wonders of the natural world and help save them.

Marwell Wildlife is a charity dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and other natural resources. Please support our work.


Check out the penguins, tigers, meerkats, lemurs, crocs and giraffes on our webcams.

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Entries are now open for Marwell Wildlife’s Photographer of the Year 2012.




Amur Leopard cubkanika is 6 months old

Kanika is now six months old, growing quickly and enthralling our guests.


image (c) Tony Gardner


Laemanctus NeonateOur herptile department has welcomed 12 lizard hatchlings to their collection.

These casque-headed iguanas (Laemanctus serratus) started life as a small clutch of eggs and keepers were delighted to see the healthy iguanas hatch in October.

a truly unique gift

Face to FaceFrom feeding penguins, to being a keeper for a day, an animal encounter will provide a lasting memory for that special friend or family member.

For more information call the team on 01962 777988

Updated 22/11/2014

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