Penguin Cove

Following a public vote to name our revamped penguin home we can now announce that the winning name is…Penguin Cove. The name was extremely popular and received more than 50% of all votes cast.

Penguin World was originally opened in 1997 and following receipt of a generous donation from the Stainer Charitable Trust, we have given the home a £250,000 makeover. Humboldt penguin

Penguin Cove will open at the end of May and visitors will be able to watch the charismatic birds explore their new home. The improvements will not only benefit the park’s Humboldt penguins through offering new facilities plus better water and food management, but will also create a more immersive and enjoyable experience for guests.

James Cretney, our Chief Executive said: “We are very excited to be opening Penguin Cove and thanks to everyone who took part in the public vote.

The new home will enhance both the view and the access for our guests as well as providing better facilities for our Humboldt penguins."

What's new?

New penguin home planPenguin Cove will have wider footpaths and lowered walls, making it much easier for both children and disabled guests to view the penguins.

New vacuum and skimmer systems will be more effective at removing debris, making the penguins’ water both cleaner and clearer. In addition to this the new waste water storage tanks will enable us to recycle, and therefore save water.

Penguins arriving into, or departing from the colony need to spend a short time in isolation, so an extension to the existing building will provide new accommodation with pools where the park’s animal keepers can closely monitor the birds.

Food storage will also be improved with a new walk-in freezer, fish thawing unit and food preparation area. This will ensure that other penguins’ herrings are fresher than ever.

We are creating the sense of an underground cave in the lower gallery and embedding various marine objects for children to find. A new picnic and play area is also being built behind the exhibit.

image © Jessica Florence

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