Our first newborn of 2017!

Our newborn calf Marty

Our newborn calf Marty

We are celebrating our first birth of 2017 after an adorable Roan antelope calf was born on Sunday 8 January.


The newborn male was born to mum ‘Pandora’ and dad ‘Fransiscus’ and has been named ‘Marty’ by our Hoofstock keepers. Both he and his mother are said to be fit and healthy and doing really well.


Marty has been given access to the antelope’s paddock and has been exploring his new surroundings. He will be reared by his mother for the first six months of his life before becoming more independent in their enclosure which is just up the hill from the Sulawesi crested macaque island, opposite Fur, Feathers and Scales.


These herbivores’ natural habitat is sub-Saharan Africa alongside other grazers such as zebra and wildebeest. Due to their size they face little threat from predators however their habitat in the wild has shrunk due to the growing demand of land for humans.


Marwell had a bumper year of new arrivals in 2016 including the birth of Amur tiger triplets, Amur leopard twins as well as a Grevy’s zebra.


If you would like to know more about our new addition  you can read all about the species here.  


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