10 reasons to book a midweek visit to Marwell

February 1, 2023

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Have you ever visited Marwell on a weekday? Home to hundreds of endangered and exotic species in 140 acres of beautiful parkland – there’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy any day of the week.

We’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to join us for your next midweek day out…

1. Spend more time with the animals

From Amur tigers, snow leopards and white rhinos to giraffesred pandas and penguins, Marwell offers you the chance to discover more about the amazing members of the animal kingdom. A midweek visit is often much quieter, so not only will you have better views of your favourite animals, you’ll be able to spend more time with them too.

2. Perfect for preschoolers 

With hundreds of amazing animals to spot on your own wildlife safari and plenty of space to safely explore, Marwell is the perfect place to bring your little monkeys. It wouldn’t be a trip to Marwell without a photograph at our giraffe height chart or next to our bronze hippo statue… or rolling down the hill with friends on the back lawn of our Grade 1 listed Marwell Hall! Our buggy-friendly paths are ideal to get your steps in and catch up with friends. Don’t forget, under threes visit the zoo for FREE!

3. Unwind

We need nature, more than ever. Escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy a slower pace and a more relaxed atmosphere on a weekday. Whether you choose to picnic next to some of the world’s most endangered animals, take time to reflect at our new Wallaby Walkthrough dwell area or stroll alongside our resident Linne’s two-toed sloth, free-flying birds and butterflies in our Energy for Life: Tropical House, we’re certain you’ll feel calmer.

4. Low wait times

Compared to our most popular dates, queue times around the park are much lower midweek, so you will be able to spend more time exploring the zoo, enjoying one another’s company and making memories. How will you make the most of your extra time?

5. Picture Perfect

We love seeing your photographs from the zoo on our social media channels and dedicated Flickr group! Wildlife photography is about patience most of the time but when you visit midweek, there’s more time to spend at each habitat for you to capture the perfect shot. If you’d like some more snaps for the family photo album, make the most of those idyllic uninterrupted views. Don’t forget to share your images with us.

6. Enjoy a sit-down meal

Exploring the zoo is certain to work up an appetite, so with a more relaxed day and low wait times, why not treat yourself to a sit-down meal freshly prepared with locally sourced ingredients at Café Graze or relax with coffee and cake at our Coffee Shop? Café Graze overlooks the Valley Field where you can spot our herd of rare Przewalski’s horses.

7.  Learn something new

Your day out can be an educational experience for all ages, and we have plenty of free downloadable resources to use at the zoo. You’ll be able to take your time reading about our incredible animals or find out more about our conservation work around the world. And don’t forget to download our free Marwell Zoo App to learn fascinating extra facts about the animals, get around easily with the interactive map, and get exclusive app-only discounts!

8. Run wild

Children will love letting off some energy at the zoo’s five adventure playgrounds and they are much quieter midweek! Our new bespoke okapi playground was designed to be inclusive and also features a wheelchair accessible roundabout and an accessible slide, so all children can safely play. A range of refreshments are never far away for well-deserving parents, grandparents and carers and with less queues and extra turns on the play equipment, you might even enjoy a tea or coffee while it is still hot!

9. Discover some of Marwell’s hidden gems

We all have our favourite animals we like to prioritise when it’s a weekend or school holiday day, but from banteng and okapi to binturong and extinct in the wild scimitar-horned oryx, you’ll have more time to discover some of Marwell’s lesser-known species while the park is quieter. When you see someone from the team, please do say hello and ask them a question – they will be delighted to talk to you about your new favourite animals.

10. Make memories and support conservation 

Slow down and focus on what is important – getting closer to nature and making memories with loved ones. Enjoy a leisurely browse around our Gift Shop selling everything from super soft toys to stationery and homeware and treat yourself or your loved one to a special souvenir of your day. What’s more, every penny spent at Marwell helps support the zoo and our conservation projects in the UK and overseas.

Learn more about the amazing work Marwell Wildlife is doing around the world to restore nature, promote sustainable living, and work with communities and governments to help bring about changes needed to help people, wildlife, and the wider environment.

What is your top reason for visiting the zoo midweek? Let us know on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.