Loopy about Lemurs!


We’re excited to announce a new walkthrough lemur exhibit for the zoo, opening 7 July 2017.

Our new walkthrough, ‘Lemur Loop’ will be home to four different species of lemur, allowing guests to get up close to these playful primates. Alaotran gentle lemurs (Hapalemur alaotrensis), black and white ruffed lemurs (varecia variegata), crowned lemurs (Eulemur coronatus) and ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta)will be joined in the exhibit by a new species for Marwell- two male peafowl (Pavo cristatus)

Visitors will enjoy sharing the beautifully landscaped habitat of these engaging animals in a new, themed exhibit at the giraffe house, focussing on the evolution of the species. The new experience, with both indoor and outdoor sections, will immerse guests into a densely planted lemur environment.

Zoo staff will be on hand to teach groups about the loveable lemur troop and their habitats; from learning about the story of lemur evolution and diversity, to taking part in observation and skills-based activities. Educational groups will benefit from sessions planned around the school curriculum. 

The new exhibit is part of a £17 million investment programme, which will continue to take shape over the next ten years. The programme will create new and improved habitats for the animals and offer more immersive experiences for our guests.

We now bid farewell to our Western black and white colobus monkeys and look forward to the opening of this exciting new exhibit.

The build of the new exhibit is now halfway to its completion.  To see it taking shape, check out our latest video dated 15 May...


blueprint for Lemur enclosure

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Great support for disabled access

We thought it was brilliant, great support for disabled access, animals looked well looked after, clean, set in lovely countryside, good signage, lots of interesting info about the animals, lots of places to get refreshments, we'll definitely come again Tina Lee, 4th January 2017