Do we have sharks / gorillas / lions / elephants / orangutans / chimpanzees / crocodiles / monkeys / parrots?

Hello and thanks for searching on our website. The short answer to your question is no, but we do have...:

  • a carved shark sculpture you can stick your head into as part of a play area behind Penguin Cove
  • Golden-headed lion tamarins - not quite a lion but with a mane and a lion-style tail
  • Brazilian tapirs that have a trunk they use as a snorkel similar to elephant trunks
  • Siamangs (gibbons) have super-long arms and are perfectly adapted for swinging in trees just like orangutans
  • We have several species of new-world monkeys including silvery marmoset, white faced saki monkeys and cotton top tamarins (all found around the back lawn of Marwell Hall).
  • Technically we do have parrots! Our sun conures (in the aviary at Fur, Feather & Scales) are classified as parrots.
  • Crocodile monitor lizard in the Tropical house, Gila monsters and beaded lizards - not crocodiles, but big reptiles: head to Cold Blooded Corner to find out more.

Check out our Animal Guide for a host of animals that we do have!


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