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Grevys Zebra Equus Grevyi Marwell Zoo

Leading the way in population management

April 16, 2024

Marwell has been leading a subgroup of the European Population Management Advisory Group (EPMAG) in 2023 to develop a mentoring system for population managers of EAZA Ex Situ Programmes (EEPs). […]

Przewalski horses grazing at Eelmoor Marsh

Restoring habitats at Eelmoor Marsh

April 16, 2024

The rare species at Eelmoor Marsh SSSI, our lowland heath restoration site, experienced a remarkable year in 2023. In particular, there was a notable increase in the populations of Dartford […]

Women receive SMART mobile training in Kenya

Monitoring Grevy’s Zebra in Kenya

April 16, 2024

2023 was a difficult year for both wildlife and people due to the gruelling drought conditions, however our Community Scouts continued their work regardless. Twelve teams of six women and […]