Month: October 2022

Enjoy a family day out in Hampshire this Christmas at Glow Marwell

Shorter days… cheaper tickets!

October 31, 2022

It’s almost time to switch on the lights for our first-ever winter light event, Glow Marwell, and we can’t wait to welcome you in. During November and December, we’ll be […]

a goeldi''s monkey at Marwell Zoo

Meet our adorable Goeldi’s monkeys!

October 26, 2022

Luiza and Isabella arrived from Drayton Manor and have been settling in well with our coppery titi monkeys and golden-handed tamarins in Life Among the Trees. Their names were inspired […]

Endangered Grevy’s zebra populations in northern Kenya

October 24, 2022

Marwell Wildlife and partners have completed a research project on how the wild population of Grevy’s zebra moves across the fragile aridland landscape of northern Kenya. This project was undertaken […]

A tree blown over by strong winds at Marwell Zoo

Destructive tornado caught on camera at Marwell Zoo

October 24, 2022

On Sunday 23 October, just after 4pm, what can only be described as a ‘tornado’ swept through our car park. Experts have now confirmed that it was in fact a […]

Red Panda Ailurus Fulgens Marwell Zoo Mei

Important guest update!

October 23, 2022

Update 24 October 2022: After great efforts and teamwork from our staff, our car park has now been cleared following the destructive high winds yesterday. We are delighted to be […]

Striped hyaena settling in Dghoumes National Park, Tunisia

October 13, 2022

The striped hyaena (Hyaena hyaena) is among the largest of North Africa’s remaining carnivores but its elusive nature makes it extremely difficult to observe. Despite anecdotal reports that it still […]

Celebrating the Life of Sula

October 5, 2022

Following the sad passing of one of our oldest residents, we’re celebrating the life of Sula, a much-loved member of our resident white rhinoceros crash. Sula was 36 years old, […]