Month: October 2019

We welcome a critically endangered mountain bongo calf

October 30, 2019

A critically endangered mountain bongo has been born, the first for Marwell in 10 years! The female calf was born on 29 September to first-time parents, Kailina and Ituri. Keepers […]

We have a few changes around the zoo coming up soon

October 25, 2019

We are updating ‘Wallaby Walkthrough’ and we will be carrying out maintenance work in Life Among the Trees Wallaby walkthrough Thanks to a very generous legacy donation, Wallaby Walkthrough will […]

Rare Grevy’s zebra foal born

October 25, 2019

A newborn Grevy’s zebra foal has taken its first steps out in the field here at Marwell Zoo The foal was born on 26 September to second-time mum Nafeesa, and […]

Say hello to October’s new arrivals…

October 15, 2019

We have had a ‘baby boom’ here at Marwell!  Grevy’s zebra foal Late last month we welcomed a Grevy’s zebra foal to Marwell. Now almost a month old, the adorable […]

We’ve welcomed an interesting new species…

October 15, 2019

We’ve welcomed an interesting new species… While this new species may not be as cute as our recent Grevy’s zebra foal, bongo calf or squirrel monkey babies, they are incredibly […]

Two cheeky little squirrel monkeys have been born

October 15, 2019

There is yet another good reason to visit us this autumn, as we’re celebrating a pair of very cheeky little Guianan squirrel monkeys, born earlier this month. The two infants, […]