Author: Dan Colmer


Marwell Zoo visitors treated to the birth of a rare Grevy’s zebra foal

October 6, 2021

Guests were treated to the sight of a rare zebra foal being born. The endangered Grevy’s zebra gave birth to a healthy foal at our Wild Explorers paddock opposite the […]


Animal news at the zoo!

October 1, 2021

Welcome, Inti Earlier this month we welcomed a male lowland tapir to Marwell! Three-year-old ‘Inti’ arrived from Chester Zoo and is settling in well alongside our female lowland tapir, Quito. […]

Frank Mead presentation

Your support has been incredible

October 1, 2021

To everyone who has donated, fundraised, become a member or an adopter, sent us messages of support and visited us, we can’t thank you enough for your kindness during these […]

Clarine teaching SMART

Improving Community-Based Monitoring in the Northern Kenya Grevy’s Zebra Project

August 12, 2021

New technologies have been deployed to Marwell Wildlife’s scout network in Kenya to improve on data collection efforts, analysis, and responsiveness of management actions. Marwell Wildlife has been operating with […]

Snow Leopard Panthera Uncia Marwell Zoo 2

Detailed analysis reveals key findings critical to furthering understanding of snow leopards in the wild

September 23, 2020

Marwell researchers, working with colleagues in China, have found key differences in how snow leopards use the mountain landscapes they inhabit. Using cutting edge and detailed analysis of snow leopard […]

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Why you should visit Marwell this Autumn

September 23, 2020

Autumn is a beautiful time to get outdoors and admire the changing colours of Marwell’s stunning parkland while learning more about our hundreds of endangered and exotic species. Plus, don’t […]

From Left To Right Rachel_gardner_nick_moulton Mark Warn Releasing Lizards

Exceptional breeding year gives much needed boost to efforts to return the UK’s rarest lizard

September 10, 2020

A major effort is underway to boost numbers of the UK’s rarest lizard after a huge forest fire in Dorset this summer devastated one of the country’s remaining sand lizard […]

African Wild Ass Foal 1

‘Incredibly rare’ African wild ass foal among the latest newborns

August 17, 2020

We’re celebrating three new births including a critically endangered African wild ass – one of the world’s rarest animals. Born to first-time parents Jahzahra and Lars, zookeepers report the foal […]


We’re delighted to unveil a new and improved habitat for our red-necked wallabies!

July 30, 2020

The revamped Wallaby Walkthrough features a small creek, pool, stream and pond and a natural seating area so guests can relax immersed in wildlife. Helen Murphy, Marwell Zoo’s Plants and […]


Find out about our local conservation work with barn owls

July 29, 2020

For more than a decade, Marwell has been working to actively restore key habitats and species in the grasslands and woodlands that surround the zoo. The continuing efforts have resulted […]